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A Trip to Remember: Angkor Wat   Visiting the temple at Angkor Wat can be quite a challenge, so it doesn?t hurt to be prepared when embarking on such a trip. Angkor Wat is a famous, ancient temple located in Cambodia, and is visited yearly by many tourists that come here to explore its mysteries. The climate is one of the main things that you need to take into consideration when you travel to Cambodia. The weather can become hot in the afternoon and it is recommended to organize your trip sometime in the morning to avoid the heat. Still, you should know that sunsets at Angkor Wat can be pretty amazing and this may cause you to change your mind.
The temple is located in the province of Siem Reap among many other temples, as the entire area is a great place to visit altogether. You may be surprised to see that Angkor Wat is not the first temple to come your way, and if you do not mind postponing your visit to Angkor Wat, then you should spend a few days exploring the neighborhoods. The designs of these temples are quite amazing and they date back around the same time as the construction of Angkor Wat. In order to make your trip easier, do not hesitate to climb on a bike as it will take allow you to get places easier and faster then if you choose to explore on foot. You can also use a Tuk Tuk, which is a traditional means of transportation in Cambodia. Plus, the drivers often speak English which means they can give you a nice tour of the place.
Cambodia is a very hot country, but you should not worry about the perils of dehydration as you can find plenty of water to drink everywhere you go. There are also many restaurants scattered all over the place so you will just need to choose one and go inside where you will be treated to some pretty amazing dishes and drinks.
If you are weather sensitive, it would not hurt taking a hat and a pair of sun glasses with you, so you can fight off the offensive sun effectively. Still, a word of advice is in order: whenever you talk to a Cambodian, you will need to take off your hat, as it is considered disrespectful to carry on a conversation while you still have your hat on your head.
Do not forget your camera if you go to Angkor Wat. You will want to take tons of pictures as the beauty of the place is quite stunning. If you left your camera at home it?s no biggie since the services of a cameraman can be employed for a fee so you do not miss on collecting amazing memories from your trip to Cambodia.