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Fortaleza, a Fun Brazilian Tourist DestinationThe capital of the Ceara province, Fortaleza offers plenty to any tourist traveling to the Northeast part of Brazil. If you choose Fortaleza as the final point of your trip, you will discover it is the perfect spot for tourists, where the sun shines bright, the weather is perfect, the ocean is amazing, and the accommodations are very comfortable. If you like to dance until dawn, Fortaleza is the place for you as its bustling nightlife attracts the young crowd.
The best known beaches in Fortaleza are Iracema and Meireles. The ocean is crowded by fishing boats and other types of vessels as many use these waters for their amusement. An interesting fact about these beaches is that they are connected via boardwalks. The tropical gardens, the coconut trees, the interesting sculptures, sports facilities, and the stores where you can buy all kinds of things make these beaches the main attraction in Fortaleza. Here when you want to cool yourself you can just buy an ice cream or some coconut water as they are sold everywhere.
If you are looking for a more secluded beach experience, what you need to do is travel to Praia do Futuro. From here you can barely see the tall buildings of the city and most people on the beach are in search of a more laid back atmosphere. Tents are placed throughout the beach and they offer many conveniences, although this may not be something you would expect. You will also find here some fine restaurants and popular concert halls.
For the traveler in search of a cultural experience, there is nothing easier that paying a visit to Theatro Jose de Alencar. The theater is one hundred years old and it exhibits a unique architecture that travelers love to take pictures of.
The traditions are well preserved, although you may not expect this from a city with 2.5 million inhabitants. This is easily noticeable if you take a look at handcrafted items that are sold here and the cuisine. Items created and designed in the traditional style can be bought from the many fairs organized in Fortaleza, as well as from malls or the Central Market and Tourism Center. The area is famous for its ceramics, lace, and leather items.
The cuisine relies on seafood and word has it that the crab served here is like no other. On Thursdays many restaurants celebrate the Night of the crab by serving different dishes based around it.
For a visit back in time, don?t forget to see the Schoonenborch Fort, built several hundreds of years ago by Dutch rulers. The fort is located in close proximity to the Metropolitan Cathedral so it is hard to miss.
For a full day with the kids head to the water park in Porto das Dunas where they can enjoy the water slides, the pools, and the artificial river.