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Create Beautiful Photo Mosaics with a Photo Mosaic Maker  
Using Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard, you can create amazing photo mosaics out of your image collections in just a matter of seconds. A photo mosaic maker is a great way to present your photo collection in a unique and interesting manner. Ideal for sharing your photos and making photo gifts, it is also a great way to make a posters and exotic presentations of your photos. It is also ideal for printing photo wallpaper or for other design purposes. You can make amazing collages and create interesting photo montages which present interesting optical illusions. Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard is packed full of features, user-friendly and also highly affordable. At , you can find out more information and download a trial version.
Using this solution, photo mosaics can be made in five easy steps. The process couldn't be easier and this application offers an ideal opportunity for beginners and advanced users alike. To begin with, you select the master picture. This is the image that will be seen from a long distance in front. This is the image that the mosaic will be applied to. What you need to do then is select the photos that you want to use as the tiles for the mosaic. You can choose multiple folders packed full of pictures. The more pictures you have, the better the results will be. This also depends on the size of the final result. When you have done this, click the appropriate button to build the mosaic. You can also choose your own settings before doing this, if you want to further customize your results.
With the photo mosaic maker, you can also move, resize or replace tiles if you like to. Though the software does everything automatically, it also gives you the opportunity to manually make adjustments to get the best results. When you have done this, simply save your photo mosaic.
The automated process is detailed and thorough, using a clever algorithm to get the best results. It builds true photo mosaics by choosing the appropriate images and then relating them to the tiles on the master image. The tiles are not altered in any way. They are not blended into the next tiles, instead looking like true mosaics. When you take a closer look and zoom in on your photo mosaic, you will see that the individual photos are identical to the ones that you had on your computer already. However, when you zoom out or look at the image from afar, you will be able to easily distinguish the master image. The tiles of the mosaic are matched by color, so for the best results, you should ideally have a large collection of images to use for the tiles.
You can truly unleash your creativity with this photo mosaic maker. It is small tool, a small download and easy to use. However, the possibilities are endless and you can create beautiful results quickly and easily. No third party software is required to use the program and all you need is a modest computer running Windows.