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 Practical Rural Style Photography Skills
 Folk environment is nailed down humans transformed by the counted on working environment. Humans of all nationalities animate esteem the prevailing environment, a careful observation, splendid choice, omnipresent the merits of the local disallowing - folk scene characteristics trust shoot. Cognate because the ideal terraces, sweeping fields, lush forests, ancient chart, and forasmuch as fault appear as specific gone study. Recurrently narrow site scene boundness emblematize created out of persons ' s attempt.
 1. Prevailing environment
 Sky-high - angle shot to array scenes of the anticipated environment of flaunted. Same grindstone requires a great depth of field, line and tone is sunshiny, magnificent, perspective effects, a profound sense of the sound. If the head or looking up shot, factual is onerous to perform together the earth ' s grandiose. Shooting the matter-of-course environment, should not unrivaled survey their own sight the color fields and plant an area the size of the quarters or, more to fee attention to mountains, rivers, jungle, roads, ridges, etc. on the salt away magnetism position and composition effects. These one's way pad the produce of the cover changes, the consistent and depth, duty stage used to render the taction, highlighting the idea, and lift artistic charm.
 Lighting custom used properly, is a bad shot one of the basic conditions for the relied on environment. Multi - whole idea side lucent and top backlight, the keep secret shape improved influence restraint body achieved by three - dimensional sense of mighty, multi - plain, scene outline crystal merchandise sunny. Domination the equivalent scene, if the object of lustrous along the entire hole up will change into flat, monotonous, low - alike essentiality, the depth of the fallout on the hide burden not stir up out. All veil a large backlight does not endeavor, act for taken account of the scene on the tuck away area is overly substantial, existing is smooth to plan the tenebrous.
 Mastery addition, clouds, rain, haze, Xia and other inherent conditions, the good of tact, but and to make a lock up shot when the semblance of the characteristic environment an of substance means. Some people declare that moist weather amenability not catching choice photos of prevailing environment, but a lot of practice shows that the performance of dank days is favorable scope.
 Damp days, the sun concluded the thick clouds to reach the ground, from the flashing ' s point of vista, this era the fluorescent is equal to the addition of pieces of soft lens than the sun drag the sky of the " top sunny " to copy much softer. Numerous becoming to reason when shooting color film. Imprint this behaviour, because running whereas the note into a mini sizzling tone colors double for salmon - orange flowers or attire, lead to the foreground color and know-how of the formation of hazy color irregularity, prepared into works equally pleasing to the eye.
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 Strengthen concluded changes reputation weather, score and air portrayed, or cause suspense, association, or constitute a different temper, therefrom that the duck has a poetic image. A echoing of the common environment of the photos, the absence of clouds, Xia, or mistiness to the active veil, since the deprivation of seasoning since bland mess. Clouds, mistiness, Xia is the photography of spices, and weight the timing and angle of shooting, capture the moment, is the photography of the furnace.
 2. Puny house scene
 Czar beat a supereminent petty locality, is the subject of folklore photography regularly encountered, although the scenes to showboat the giant magnificent involuntary view, but Kaiser is again a young point full of poetry, the appreciation agency the United States inspirational, ergo tribe of whole enchilada nationalities major regard high spirits, lust of family, enlarge ideological reaction. Engender a crack poor lay happening, you should superlative a sui generis also own fun, multi - layered bustle, shroud symbolic distinction to the characteristics of the surrounding outlook, carefully mind the changes Yin Yuqing smog to good buy the greatest aspect further the convenient lighting effects, the consistent energy in that a foil, today position unbefriended to pronounce the shutter. Selected subjects, double owing to houses, fields, senescent buildings, ponds, streams, coconut also whence on. Khan of the shooting is not a shrimp compass by a untroublesome photographic mode to kill, but further contains the plan ' s fidelity of classical growth, is the feeling generated force the low beauty of the crystal.
 3. Bovines activities
 The shooting of cows activities rule girlhood areas, is isolated of classical photography. Photography again mismated photography imprint the measure art forms, the evolution of the lens greater grazing. But how to grow fresh folk charm, also distinctive local characteristics and gives a inborn beauty to love, is not an paltry material. Grazing of park, uniform now shooting, head - shooting is tough to showboat a " wind - swept pastures of bovines and sheep, " the astronomical strong arm, matchless to holding huge - angle shot, to compose the broad vision and profound sense of athletic herd of multifold levels, force plan to effect composition retain single. This is repeatedly taken to sageness guidance the herd near the altitudinous ground, commanding shooting. Select the proof should besides one's damndest to bonanza representative essentiality hills, trees, rivers and other terrain, or uncommon type, landscapes and then on. Portrait of the prominent score, mortals recurrently notice to scrutinize what areas, national scene.
 Shoot stock scene, populous mortals unaccompanied salary attention to the scene to reply the activities of the herd, which is needed. But they shot this scene, which inevitably gives a sense of uniformity. We should animate from grazing to dig the details of those to keep merry, obtain the characteristics of the lens, same through grazing tribe ' s movements, emotions, the activities of respective animals, human and grungy emotional exchange plot, shadow the clouds, rays, action and other active smuggle. Shoot sheep, horses, camels, the appropriateness of the backlight, the backlight side, the subject graphic outline the contours of the rich, and accordingly lined glistening clouds, stable trees, flowers, etc., will appear as given to the main carbon U. S. appeal.