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 Nikon D300s SLR Digital Camera ReviewsAF speed is fast, picture quality is outstanding, color reproduction and high design, dual card slot is very practical, operational and the entire basic site. Overall, this machine is strongest in NIKON APS - C series. Although a thick manual to make you feel at a loss, but they soon start later. For me this amateur enthusiast is a very useful machine.
 Nikon D300S ' s imaging quality is excellence and certainly beyond the expected. The upper hand of D300S is juicy and rapidly, presses the guide layout humanity equitable. Shine accurate color is reproduction; playback is with sinewy reference monetary worth. And the battery for Nikon D300s is impressive.
 Nikon D300S is the preferable for non - professional photographers, a piece of quality completely to carry off professional - grade, unquestionably worth owning a DSLR camera.
 Fuselage design entire limelight and picture quality are exquisite and professional operation breakdown of the new Nikon set sharp high permeability and tolerance ( especially when shooting spotless flaxen thread, layered intensity ) light invoice is entire.
 Though professional are so many advantages with this Nikon D300 camera, acknowledged are further some stunted disadvantages here. The DX - format illustration field of Nikon D300S is meager, many admirable lens advantage affected, in particular focusing head. Video life span - limited, high - value format only recording in five record, it is very desperate. Center mode lever position is very uncomplicated to accidentally touch running mindset.

 The modify perceiving of Nikon D300s is sterling, and the fuselage of heavy moisture - proof and so on completed the many sour environments proved to steward a sound camera. AF form didn ' t have to do that the Nikon progress, depict rationality is worthy NIKON ENEL11 Congregation.
 D300S owing to Nikon DX conformation flagship momentarily, crack is no waver in hardware arrangement, cook the best, or Nikon can take on best. 100 % field of appearance coverage viewfinder, a picture quality and planed shooting performance, over responsive rat race that new movie and electronic proportionate... Although on the surface of many aspects of the D300S is the inheritance of the D300, but we all know, in Mets, one step is very difficult. The D300S ' s carnal service 2 - allotment - old " popular figure " D300 successfully replaced, although oblique prices high, but we consider the D300S will soon " straighten " own longitude, return its own price, and own the whole picture SUBOR D700 and Canon 7D pull to price space. Crack is no mistrust that in this price, the D300S is still the strongest performance, design the most professional SLR